Normandy June 44 - 1 - Omaha Beach
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In Europe, the Allied Forces are preparing themselves to the Landings in France, and they need artists to immortalize the event. To prove his worth to his parents, Peter, a failed artist in New York volunteers for the landings. He finds himself in the heart of the “Big Red One,” the regiment with the riskiest mission of all: Omaha Beach… His brother, Jim, is the family favourite. He recently was featured on the cover of “Life.” He is part of the Rangers whose mission is to neutralize the Pointe du Hoc. But in a “sausage camp” shortly before D-Day, Jim finds himself face-to-face with Peter who has no idea of the situation that is waiting for him. And then, brutally, D-Day is here! Peter and Jim find themselves thrust in the heart of history.

format : 215x290 mm
64 pages
isbn : 978-2-9181-4321-X
Couleur : Catherine MOREAU
Dossier : Isabelle BOURNIER et Marc POTTIER

Cahier pédagogique de 16 pages
Couverture rembordée
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